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Mugwort Leaf Extract

time:2021-08-19 10:34:04

[Product packaging situation] 25 kg/drum, plastic drum.

[Product raw material composition] collected from Qichun, Hubei, Huoshan, Anhui and other places.

[Properties of the product] Dark brown paste with special smell and bitter taste.

【Content Determination】High Performance Liquid Chromatography

[Scope of product application] Antibacterial, anti-ulcer, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, lowering blood fat, protecting gastric mucosa, etc.

[Main use of the product] Applicable to various fields such as pharmacy, health care products, cosmetics and so on.

[Quality Standards] Isoflavin 0.8%-2.40%;

                Contains Alphaline 0.25%-0.75%;

                The amount of ethanol≥0.67;

                Six Six Six ≤ 0.2ppm


                Heavy metal ≤30ppm

                Loss on drying 14.4%-21.6%

                Ash content<17%

[Origin] It is the dry leaves of the wormwood of the Compositae family. Picked when the flowers are not blooming in summer.

【Application Forms】Capsules and tablets.

【Storage】Store in a cool, dry, dark, and high temperature place.

【Warranty Period】Two years.

[Packing] Double-layer plastic bags for internal use, aluminum foil bags or cardboard drums for external use (25 kg/drum)

[Functions and Indications] Dispelling cold and relieving pain, warming menstruation to stop bleeding. External treatment of itching skin. It can shorten the bleeding and clotting time. Mugwort leaf oil has an antagonistic effect on a variety of allergic asthma. It has obvious anti-asthmatic, antitussive and expectorant effects. Its anti-asthmatic effect is similar to that of isoproterenol. It has an excitatory effect on uterine smooth muscle.

[Quality Standard] Ratio: 10:1, 5:1

                Use part of plant: leaf

                Color: brownish yellow, light yellow

                Appearance: powder

                Mesh number: 80 mesh

                Odor: special smell

                Analysis method: UV

                Loss on drying:<5%

                Ash content:<1.5%

                Heavy metal <10ppm

                Pesticide residue:<2ppm