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Provide customers with professional technical services

Undertake OEM production of medicines/health products, etc.

     Founded in 1994, Anhui Tianyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. covers an area of 125 acres and has a building area of more than 50,000 square meters. It is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific research, extraction, preparation and marketing. The company's production lines certified by the new version of "GMP" include large-volume injections (including glass bottles and soft bag production lines), Chinese medicine extraction, suppositories, solutions, soft capsules, and enemas.

     After years of pharmaceutical experience, the company has cultivated a high-quality and professional production management team and established a complete quality assurance system. In addition to the production and sales of its own brand products, according to the company's existing capabilities, the company now undertakes a wide range of OEM production services for domestic and foreign drugs/health products. All colleagues in the medical field are welcome to come to discuss cooperation.

     Service Scope: In addition to undertaking the OEM production business of medicines/health products, we can also provide relevant government affairs consultation, product process improvement, product stability experiments, and carry out product expiry extension declaration, standard conversion, approval number registration, etc. .

     We will achieve your outstanding career dream by providing professional services!

     "Tianyang" will be your choice without regrets!

     Please send us your cooperation needs by e-mail, and we will instruct professional and technical personnel to tailor a service method that suits you in time.


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