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Marketing strategy

Provide customers with professional technical services

        Since its establishment, Anhui Tianyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the marketing and promotion concept of survival by product quality and market protection as a win-win situation, and has formed and established its own marketing planning system in a short period of time.   

        The company adheres to the entrepreneurial policy of "cooperation, openness, and win-win", adhering to the corporate tenet of "seeking cooperation in competition, and seeking development in alliance", to make friends from all over the world with friendship, to make friends from all over the world with sincerity, and to work with dealers to improve In the health business, develop the market, and win returns together. Under the guidance of this marketing strategy, Tianyang has achieved certain breakthroughs in product development and marketing models in recent years. The successful development of Shuangzuotai vaginal soft capsule and Honghu enema has brought good news to the majority of patients and also met the needs of the market. The emphasis on and investment in clinical academic promotion and retail terminal services also means that Tianyang has made further progress towards professionalization in its marketing model.