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Curcuma Extract

time:2021-08-19 10:42:52

Turmeric Oil: 2010 Chinese Pharmacopoeia

[Properties of the product] Curcuma turmeric volatile oil, light brown or dark brown clear liquid, peculiar gas, slightly bitter and pungent taste.

[Product raw material composition] collected from the main producing area of Curcuma curcuma-Ruian City, Zhejiang Province

【Content Determination】High Performance Liquid Chromatography

[Scope of product application] Used for colds, cholera, vomiting and diarrhea, heat and heat, phlegm and unconsciousness during stroke, loss of breath, head tingling, wind and fire toothache, bronchial asthma and various coughs, cold and heat, abdominal pain, lower back and limbs Pain, pruritus, scabies, unnamed swelling, bruises, scalds and burns, snake, worm, scorpion, pike centipede, vomiting blood, insomnia, traumatic bleeding, etc.

[Quality Standard] Geranone ≥ 7.5%;

                Furandadiene ≥10.0%;

                Fingerprint similarity ≥0.95;

                Arsenic salt ≤ 2ppm;

                Heavy metals ≤10ppm;

                Relative density 0.970~0.990;

                Specific rotation +20○~+25○;

                The refractive index is 1.500~1.510.

[Main purpose of the product] It is suitable for various fields such as pharmaceuticals and health care products.

[Product packaging situation] 0.5 kg/bottle, 12 bottles/carton, the inner packaging is a soda lime glass bottle, and the outer packaging is a cardboard box.