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Workshop 2 was awarded Anhui Youth Safety Production Demonstration Post

time:2022-11-02 09:34:56

       The production line was built in 2002, which is responsible for the extraction and supply of raw materials for the company's drug Danshen infusion solution, providing basic guarantee for the production of pharmaceutical preparations. Over the years, it has earnestly implemented the policy of "safety, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment", and kept in mind the company's slogan of "safety, safety above Mount Tai". This post conducts quarterly drills of emergency plans for production safety accidents, and conducts monthly training on safety production operation specifications for relevant posts. Employees can strictly abide by various safety production laws and regulations, rules and regulations, post operation procedures and operation standards, and have strong safety production awareness, higher safety production skills and better ability to deal with sudden safety accidents. In the normal production process, various production works are carried out in a down-to-earth manner. Every employee has a meticulous working attitude in daily work, strictly implements the safety production operation procedures, and frequently patrols and uses his brain to escort safety production. So far, there is no illegal command, illegal operation and violation of labor discipline. The production site management is standardized. On the premise of excellent completion of production tasks, there has been no production safety accident in the past 10 years. Closely combining quality work with safety work, taking the creation of youth safety production demonstration posts as the carrier, and adhering to the "three modernizations" management focusing on "refinement, standardization, and informatization", the Company has effectively promoted the development of youth safety production demonstration posts to the track of institutionalization, standardization, and science.